yonder trainees



As a relatively new yogi, I began my journey dabbling in online practices before stumbling upon the Yonder family very early at their first brewery pop-ups before the studio had completed construction (shout out to Steady Hand!). I was amazed at the focus and stamina that it took to practice a vinyasa flow, and once the studio opened, I started showing up every day as it became an increasingly important part of my life not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. 

As a professional musician, I’m challenged regularly to be flexible and think outside of the box, and having a consistent practice has increased my focus, discipline, creativity, and peace of mind far beyond the four corners of my mat. I want to share the sweat, love, insight, and clarity that yoga has given me with everyone that attends my classes. And as a musician, I pride myself on a well-curated music playlist. Let’s flow!