Policies & FAQs

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or it’s your first time doing yoga, Yonder Yoga is Atlanta’s best hot yoga studio for all levels. See answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

I’m new! What do I do?

Welcome to Yonder Yoga! We are so excited that you have decided to give us a try. To prepare for your first visit, start by making an account with us here. You can purchase our New Member Special that gives you your first month of unlimited yoga for only $40! Then you can book a reservation for your first class.

We recommend that you arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to the start of class so that you can get to know your teacher, the space, and have plenty of time to get ready for your first class. Don’t worry if you don’t have a mat – we have you covered! Our mat rentals are always complimentary. Just show up ready to sweat and have a little fun – we will take care of the rest!

What if I have never done yoga before?

No worries! We all have to start somewhere. We recommend signing up for our Yonder Flow or Foundations Flow for your first time as these classes will be more consistent and catered to all levels. Most importantly, yoga is a practice, so we advise that all yogis, new and seasoned, listen to their bodies and modify, take breaks, and rest as they need.

I have a membership - what do I need to know?

Congrats, you’re getting the best deal on yoga at Yonder! With our memberships, you get 15% off retail and discounted workshop access. Additionally, if you are an unlimited member, you get one complimentary guest pass each month.

As a member, please note our 4-hour cancelation policy to avoid a $15 late cancelation fee or $20 no-show fee. Should you wish to make an update to your membership, we require all cancelation, freeze, and update requests via email at least 5 days prior to your next billing date.

Are Yonder Yoga’s classes heated?

Our studio environment is carefully controlled by infrared radiant heat panels and HVAC to maximize your experience. Classes are between 90-93 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 60% humidity. Our “Candlelit Yin” is heated to 80 degrees for those sensitive to the heat, pregnant, or just wanting a cooler, more restorative flow.

What is Infrared Radiant Heat?

Yonder Yoga features Infrared Radiant Heating panels in all of its studios. Different than your regular hot-air heating methods, Infrared Radiant Heat heats objects and bodies so that they can then re-radiate heat out in the air. Our rooms all have humidifiers that pump humidity into the room, keeping your body hydrated while also encouraging it to sweat more. This creates a consistent, evenly heated room that will make you sweat without feeling uncomfortably hot or overheated.

Known for its healing benefits, Infrared Radiant Heat also directly penetrates tissues, muscles and joints, allowing them to regenerate through a combination of increased circulation, oxygenation, and detoxification. Infrared radiation is incredibly useful for pain relief for both minor injuries and chronic ailments.

Because of its focus in heating the body, not the air, Infrared Radiant Heat increases the bodies metabolic rate, torching calories and making it a popular tool for weight loss. Finally, Infrared Radiant Heat is guaranteed to make you sweat, both detoxifying your skin and your body, flushing it of impurities and toxins. This cleanse on a cellular level will make you look and feel great, even after just one class.

Do you have showers?

Yonder’s mission is to seamlessly fit into your day-to-day schedule, and we have full locker room amenities including showers, towels, bath products, and hair dryers. Additionally, we provide personal key-code lockers in case you have any valuables you want locked up during class time.

Where do I park?

All Yonder locations have complimentary parking, but if you are visiting a studio for the first time, we recommend reviewing the location pages linked to our home page and allowing extra time to find the space.

What if I have an injury?

If you have any injury, new or old, please let your instructor know before class. If it is an injury that requires modifications to your practice, the instructor will work with you before and during class to ensure you are safe. Additionally, if you do not want to receive hands-on assists due to an injury, let your instructor or front desk know before class.

Can I bring my kid to class with me?

While yoga is great for all ages, we require children to be at least 13 years old to attend our group classes. We offer kids yoga weekend workshops and privates for families that want to do yoga with little ones.

What do I need for class?

Yonder is a heated vinyasa studio, meaning that you will sweat and move a lot. Tight-fitting, moisture wicking clothing is recommended. Yonder rents YogiToes towels for $6 for those who need a little bit more stability on their sweaty mat, and complimentary mats and $3 sweat towel rentals are available as well. While we don’t recommend that you drink a lot of water during your practice, show up hydrated and feel free to bring your own water bottle or purchase one from the front desk for breaks during class. Additionally, it is advised that you do not eat a large meal less than 2 hours before class starts.

Do I need to sign up online before class?

Yes, it is always recommended that you reserve your spot for class either online or on our app before class, especially for popular, busier classes (early morning and evening classes).

What’s your cell phone policy?

Give yourself the gift of presence and leave your phone in the cubbies or in a locker. To preserve the experience of everyone in class, cell phones are not permitted in the studio.

What happens if I signed up but can no longer make it to class?

We have a 4-hour cancellation policy. If you cancel a class within the 4-hour window, you will be charged a $15 “late cancel fee”. You can late cancel your class online or the app or by calling the studio. If you do not show for a class, you will be charged a $20 “no show fee”.

All late cancel fees are waived if you move your reservation to another class within that same day as long as neither class is waitlisted. Just give the studio a call or email us, and we will take care of it (don’t try to do this through the booking app or website). Please note that this has to be done at least one hour before class begins.

I’m going to be late to class - is that ok?

We get it – life happens, traffic is terrible, or that meeting runs over – but unfortunately, we cannot allow late arrivals into class under any circumstance. This is for the safety of our teachers, students, and staff. If you know that you will be running late to class, we recommend calling the studio to have the front desk team switch you into another class that day.

I need to leave class early - is that ok?

For the same reasons above, early departures from classes are not allowed. It’s distracting and disruptive for our teachers and students. If you find yourself needing to leave class early, we ask that you please take a different class time that better works with our schedule.

I am on the waitlist for class - what does that mean?

Our waitlists move fast, so don’t be wary of joining one! You can check your spot on the waitlist through the app or online, and when you are admitted into class off the waitlist, you will receive an email notifying you. Please note that our waitlist reservations fall under our 4-hour cancelation policy, so if you know that you will not attend class within the 4-hour window should you get in, you should remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid a penalty. If you are first or second on the waitlist 30 minutes before class, we recommend coming to the studio – no-shows happen all the time!

My plans have changed - can I get a refund?

All sales are final at Yonder Yoga. If you purchase a credit or membership that you can no longer use at that time, we recommend emailing info@yonderyoga.com to see if it can be converted into studio credit or saved for the future.

Is it safe to practice yoga if I am pregnant?

While we don’t suggest starting a yoga practice during pregnancy, if you are continuing your yoga practice, yoga is very safe with appropriate modifications. If you are pregnant, talk to your instructor before class so he or she can provide you with modified poses and tips. If you’re worried about the heat, we do offer yin and a weekly prenatal yoga class that are heated just to 80 degrees.