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Yonder’s mission is to bring yoga to everyone in Atlanta – for students and teachers alike to express themselves and become a more authentic ‘you’.Yonder Yoga classes balance the challenges of physical practice with the mentally restorative elements of yoga.


Yonder Flow

This is a 60-minute vinyasa-based power yoga class, choreographed to thematic music with breath-paced sequencing. Poses flow with continual motion and purposeful breath. Sequences are based on a studio-wide container, with ever-varying asanas and transitions as determined by the teacher and his/her theme. Studio is heated to approximately 90 degrees Fahrenheit. All other classes are variations of the ’Yonder Flow’. All experience levels are welcome.

Hip-Hop Flow

Move to the rhythm of the beat in our ‘Hip-Hop Flow,’ including the best of Hip-Hop from the 80’s to today. While some of the lyrics may be explicit, this class is an opportunity for our students to let loose and release their own inhibitions through breath and movement.

Foundations Flow

‘Foundations Flow’ focuses on establishing a strong base for participants to build upon as they grow in their yoga practice, regardless of experience level. Poses are held for longer than one breath, emphasizing alignment, technique, and control. Key poses will be broken down by the teacher. Teachers offer modifications and assists as necessary.

Candlelit Yin

Soothing and revitalizing, this class is suitable for students of all levels of experience. Practitioners are offered an opportunity to slow down, surrender, and return to balance with a sequence that focuses on deep stretches, connection to breath, and meditative relaxation. Expect to hold poses for as long as 5 minutes and leave feeling both empowered and rejuvenated. This class is heated to 80-85 degrees and is illuminated by real candlelight.

Yonder Flow & Restore

Don’t let the title of this class fool you – this flow will challenge both your body and your mind. The first half of class is a heat-building vinyasa flow. The second half of the class is a yin-influenced sequence of passive floor-based holds with a focus on finding stillness through breath and concentration. Class ends with a 5-minute guided meditation in Savasana.

Advanced Flow

Building upon the Yonder Flow, ‘Advanced Flow’ provides for growth and expansion of each individual’s practice. One arm balance or inversion will be broken down and instructed. Students do not need an advanced practice, but rather a familiarity with the foundations of the Yonder Flow and a willingness to challenge their practice with new poses and balances at a faster pace. Weekend Advanced classes will be 75 minutes long.


Welcome to Yonder! If this is your first time to the studio, you can check in at the front desk where a member of our team will meet you and give you a tour. If you are new to yoga and don’t have your own mat, ours are always complimentary. Additionally, first-time clients are given a complimentary mat towel to use for class. If you have any fears, concerns, or injuries, please let your teacher know before class so that we can ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Students will be allowed in the yoga studio room approximately 10 minutes before class to get situated. However, should you find yourself arriving well before class time, students can change into their yoga clothes in our locker rooms, hang out in our lounge area, or enjoy a smoothie or juice from our neighboring juice bar.

Every class at Yonder will be unique and different in its own way, reflecting the personality of the teacher through sequencing and music. However, you can always expect to move, breathe, and sweat, followed by a shorter sequence of restorative postures before ending in savasana, complete with a cold, essential-oil-infused towel.

After class, you will have the opportunity to ask your teacher questions and interact with the surrounding community of yogis before heading on to the rest of your day. Yonder aims to fit into your schedule, so whether you’re off to work after class or headed to the carpool line, Yonder provides full-service locker rooms complete with towels, bath products, and hair dryers. If you need to kill some time and want to use our lounge area to catch up on emails, feel free to grab a refreshment from the front desk or walk next door for a smoothie before making yourself at home.

Because of the heat, you will sweat at Yonder, so it’s important that you hydrate and refuel after class so that you can come back refreshed and ready to grow your practice!


Do you want to be a part of something great? Do you want to continue your yoga journey with us? Join Yonder as a member and #wanderyonder with us.

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