Sierra Green



Born and raised in Maryland, I spent a lot of my life involved in different sport activities from karate and swimming to yoga and dance. I was introduced to yoga through my mom around 8 years old, but I didn’t find it interesting at the time. I landed more strongly with gymnastics and later with dance which continued throughout high school and college. Yoga was revisited and practiced lightly, and I gained more appreciation for the mental benefits overtime.  Fast forward to April 2022, I took a giant leap and moved states (my first big move ever in my life). Searching for community, healthy habits, and a way to tap into my interests, I came across Yonder and was introduced to the vinyasa flow. My first class transformed my view of yoga; it was challenging yet empowering. It humbled me to look inward, try new things, and tune in to more of what yoga feels like rather than what it looks like. I like to look at yoga as a space to just be yourself, and I hope to bring a sense of self expression, non-judgement, and mostly enjoyment to those taking my classes.