Samaira Dumpson



As a chiropractor, I understand and appreciate the importance of movement, flexibility, and mindfulness, hence why I’ve always recommended yoga to most of my clients. In fact, patients who incorporate yoga into their weekly routine tend to get optimal results, driving me to find a local studio that I could refer to my clients. I began to take classes with the intent of being able to confidently tell others how good it is for the body; however, I left class feeling like I gained so much for myself. The heated vinyasa style was everything I did not know I was missing, as I typically spent active time performing high intensity workouts or on the basketball and tennis courts. For once, I was not competing and hustling for the end result but enjoying every aspect of the journey on my mat. 

Yoga surprisingly challenged me physically but also guided me to focus on my breathing and mindfulness which are all aspects I now use on and off my mat. I leave yoga feeling lighter – both physically (love a good sweat session) and mentally. I love that yoga is a practice; some days I can get into that pose or balance just right while other days, some poses just do not stick – either way, it is still yoga, and that grace has led me to crave time on my mat over and over again. Outside of yoga, you may find me playing tennis, road cycling, or trying a new restaurant or craft beer with friends and my puppy, Tito! I hope to flow with you soon as we connect our breath to movement on and off our mats!