Robin Allman



My yoga journey began as a result of injuries – lot’s of them. I needed to find a physical outlet that wasn’t so aggressive on my body. I found that through heated yoga, you can achieve the same results of an intense workout with a fraction of the joint abuse. Finding strength and the mental focus to guide me through my practice checks so many boxes for me during a workout. It’s like combining your physical therapist and your therapist into a single visit. You can’t beat one co-pay! 

I love a high energy class; I vibe with my students through music. You can count on me for deep house and some oldies with a splash of top 40s remixed because let’s be fresh with it. I want to see my students grow and try new things. As a teacher, seeing students surprise themselves during class by just going for it is truly rewarding.  When I’m not at Yonder leading you through a 60-minute vinyasa, I work in commercial real estate development. Come join me on your mat and bring positive vibes! I look forward to getting to know you!