Mollie Terrette


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I discovered yoga almost eight years ago, shortly after I moved to Atlanta. My roommate, who had been practicing for years, suggested I check out a class to help deal with all the stress from my very demanding corporate job and transition into the real world. I’ll never forget my first class. The teacher started with a lesson about shifting your perspective and becoming thankful for the “monsters” in your life and then quickly, but gently, proceeded to kick my butt. By the closing Namaste, I was hooked. I left feeling euphoric and reinvigorated, sweaty, and ready for more. Yoga was the first “workout” I discovered that was more than just physical exercise. Yes, it was a great workout, but I left feeling lighter and somehow connected more to myself. Yoga became, and still is, a place for me to escape, a place to fully disconnect from the stress of my life, and a place to let go and just be.The rest is history. 

Yoga has been an integral part of my life since that day. My yoga practice provides an outlet and opportunity to work in. It is a place to let go of perfection, get messy, play, connect deeper with myself, and simply breath. I always joke that yoga makes me a better person, but, in truth, my practice provides a clarity and perspective in my life that I haven’t found anywhere else. 

As a yoga teacher, it is my greatest joy to share the practice of yoga with my students! Through my classes, I hope to provide a refuge to escape from the stress of daily life and have a little fun. I aim to cultivate a space for students to challenge themselves, grow, sweat, play, find perspective, and feel empowered. In my classes, you can expect high energy, a challenging, but fun flow, most likely a funky transition, and solid tunes to keep you going (Hello, Friday Hip-Hop)! When I’m not in the studio, you can find me outdoors, planning my next adventure and/or vacation, or scouring the city to find the best margarita (extra credit if it’s with mezcal)! 

Come join me on your mat – can’t wait to see you in class!