Melissa Joyce


yonder trainees

I truly believe the path to purpose is to follow your passion. I discovered yoga while at home for the holidays in Savannah, GA my Sophomore year of college, and I stumbled upon an intro month special gift card to a local studio. I quickly fell in love with the practice and returned to my mat almost every day of the 1-month trial. Yoga fulfills me in so many ways both on and off the mat. My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and balanced. I’ve always prioritized staying active; it helps me self-regulate and stay motivated. I started dancing at an early age and was an avid tennis player. My mindset is very goal-oriented which I attribute to team sports throughout grade school. I yearned for the sense of accomplishment, dynamic movement, and community that was so strongly rooted in my foundation. By showing up on my mat, I feel a strong sense of achievement acknowledging the work I put in that got me here. The beauty of yoga for me is the endless possibilities I still have yet to discover.

I am so grateful for the amazing teachers along my journey who cared for and deepened my practice. My ultimate goal as a yoga teacher is to be that person for my students. When sequencing a class, I always ask myself first, “Is this a class that I would like to take?” I strive to find balance between effort and ease and connect postures in a way that feels almost like a dance to your breath and to the beat of music. My hope is to leave you feeling stronger, accomplished, and motivated to return to your mat.