Melanie Matlock



“The harder the better” used to be my only fitness motto. I grew up running track and have done every fitness challenge you can name. Yoga was far from my radar, until I attended my first heated class with my sister in college. Halfway through, I was sure I’d die or at the very least faint and have to be carried out in a room full of strangers, but part of me was fine with that because I’d never felt so much like myself.

The heat, the movement and the community were magic, and the mental benefits of yoga were everything I didn’t know I was missing. When I discovered Yonder last summer through my Chiropractor and fellow Yonder instructor Samaira Dumpson, I knew I’d found my happy place.

I love putting together thoughtful sequences and messages that my students can take into their lives. When I’m not teaching at Yonder, I work in advertising as a writer and love experimenting in the kitchen. I can’t wait to get to know you!