Maya Sunshine


yonder trainees

What I love most about yoga is that it is a practice.  Every time that I show up to my mat, I learn something new; whether it be a pose or something about myself.  In college at UGA, I discovered yoga as a way to cope with the stress of being an accounting student.  In 2015, I rediscovered yoga as a new mom of two boys looking for a good sweat.  What I discovered was that I got so much more in return.  I was able to tune out the noise of the chaotic world and tune into my body and breath.  I was able to show myself strength that I did not know that I had. Since then, I have continued to be inspired and transformed by the beautiful practice of yoga.

Yoga has been such a gift in my life that I want to share it with others! I love arm balancing, handstands, core work, twisting, and more, and I promise that my classes will always be fun yet challenging! My goal is for you to leave my class super sweaty but with a smile on your face 🙂 See you on the mat!