Liston Spence

Teacher & Manager

I’m obsessed with yoga because of: 1) the way the body and mind work together, 2) the spaces we inhabit, and 3) how we navigate the former through the latter. Yoga has been a wonderful bridge that’s given me a more comprehensive understanding of these aspects. Helping to foster this curiosity in my students is what I intend to bring to each class.

I began dabbling in yoga over a decade ago, not understanding that what I was doing was, in fact, yoga. I was introduced to it as a practice while traveling through the outback with a yogi I had met in a coffee shop. It wasn’t until the pandemic, however, that I truly embraced it as a discipline.

Having become a Certified Personal Trainer as well, you’ll find me all around Atlanta exploring varying aspects of fitness, which I attempt to bring together for a well-rounded mind and body adventure.

My other discipline has been acting for the entirety of my adulthood. You’ll usually find me wandering the cityscape and the natural world surrounding it (I prefer exploring by foot wherever possible) or dabbling in other creative outlets as I try to figure out this thing called life!