Lexie Teas



I was introduced to yoga by my mom when I was fifteen. I loved the heat, the challenging poses, and the way the practice allowed me to clear my thoughts. I maintained my daily practice throughout high school and college. I am now living my dream working as an animator and a yoga teacher, but my proudest label is still yoga student. Daily yoga has kept me grounded. On my mat, I can find focus, determination, creativity, confidence, kindness and compassion, and I take these things with me off the mat. Yoga is always exactly what I need. For me, it is more than a full body workout. It’s a full mind clearing, a reset. That is why no matter where I travel, the first question I ask is “where can I do yoga?” My hope is that in my class you will find exactly what you need that day, that hour, that minute. And when you ask “where can I do yoga?” you think of my class.