Kylie Mask



I was first introduced to yoga in high school, and dabbled in it for years without any real commitment. Fast forward to college, where I earned my Bachelor’s in acting and was injured during a performance. What I used to think of as a fun, once-in-a-while workout suddenly became the only form of exercise that didn’t aggravate my chronic pain. The more I took yoga, the more I felt at peace within my body and, to my surprise, my mind. When I realized the difference daily practice made in my overall sense of well-being, I was hooked. My yoga asana practice has since grown into so much more than a workout; it has changed the way I live and move through the world. Now here I am, hopeful that my classes can get you just as fired up about all of the beauty there is to behold when your mind, body, and soul are united into one strong force!