Keegan Treadaway



I stumbled upon yoga a few years ago at the behest of a co-worker (who is a registered yoga teacher). At the time, I traveled a lot for work and was feeling stiff, sluggish, and worn out. Coming into a class of vinyasa flow, I didn’t know what to expect. The quick pace, challenging poses, and upbeat music went against every assumption I had about yoga—and I loved it! Since then, yoga has become an integral part of my life and overall wellness. It’s both physically stimulating and mentally calming, which helps me maintain balance in my life.

As a yoga teacher, my goal is to energize my students, challenge them to find depth in every pose, and just have some fun. You can expect a class filled with music that will make you want to dance as you work through your movements on the mat.

When not practicing or teaching at Yonder, I’m usually eating and drinking may way around Atlanta, or traveling around the country (and hopefully soon somewhere overseas!).