Grace Carrington



I started my yoga practice in college to complement my intense training regimen for soccer. The physical aspect of yoga initially brought me in, but I ended up staying for the mental benefits. It blew my mind that there was a workout that was centered around mindfulness and generosity towards my body.

As a Division One athlete, I was taught to push my body to its limits. I was constantly reminded that there was always someone better than me or working harder than me. I quickly learned this mentality wasn’t necessary within the four corners of my yoga mat. I gave up the concern for getting it right, the concern for looking good on my mat, and I stopped treating yoga like a sport. And guess what? My practice sky rocketed!

I learned that the more integrity and trust I invested in my body, the more my physical and mental yoga practice pushed forward. I was so overwhelmed with excitement towards this revelation that I knew I had to share this knowledge with others!