Chelsea Padgett



My yoga journey began in college as I searched for a lower-impact workout to complement running and group fitness classes. I found my first yoga class to be challenging, empowering, and enlightening.  As a competitive dancer, exercise has always been a significant part of my daily routine ever since I can remember. However, it wasn’t until I discovered yoga that I learned that workouts could be about healing and strengthening your mind and spirit in tandem with your physical body. As perfectionism, anxiety, and stress, have continued to plague my adult life, I have found a place of peace on my mat and in the studio.

My favorite aspect of yoga is the concept of the practice being a journey. Today so much of our lives are consumed by deadlines, goals, and fixed ideas of who and what we should be. I have found that the more I surrender to the journey of my practice on my mat, the more I can live into this grace in my everyday life.

As an educator by trade, I love sharing yoga with new people. That moment when a student preserves through a new pose or finds their reason for coming back to their mat ignites me as a teacher. You can expect a challenging sequence in my classes and the encouragement and tunes to accomplish it.

When I’m not at Yonder, you may catch me exercising or exploring outdoors, grooving to Atlanta’s live music scene, or hanging at home with my cat Charlie.