Callie Jewett



My first exposure to yoga was in 2017. I was a medical student just trying to stay afloat. My friends and I decided to try the free rec center vinyasa class as a way to decompress and stretch. It quickly became a weekly thing – a gathering of college and grad students in a dark gym room (that was more frequently used for basketball) moving and breathing together.

Flash forward to Fall 2020. Overwhelmed with the chaos of the world and unable to run like I used to because of knee pain, I found myself craving those moments of peace I had experienced at the rec center all those years ago. I joined a local studio in Nashville, TN and over the next several years learned that yoga was much more than an hour of movement in a hot humid room.

My hope as a teacher is to help students use their asana practice to learn how to regulate their heart rate and mind through the power of breath. And to have a little fun while doing it!