Bryce Nixon


yonder trainees

My yoga practice started somewhere around my junior year of college where as a member of the football team, I was always looking for some way to gain a competitive advantage. During that time, I would occasionally join the free community flows offered on campus, searching for a physical relief more than anything. Little did I know that I would one day fall in love with the more introspective aspects of the yoga world. Fast forward eight years and a growing disillusion with the toll weight lifting was having on my body, I decided to jump back into something a little less taxing and fully committed my exercise practice to exclusively yoga. While I love being able to practice at home via YouTube and/or various apps, there is just something about being part of the community that drew me back to studio life. Thank the Universe for ClassPass. For about a year, I became a nomadic yogi until a few quick Instagram/Google searches led me to some different studios that I tried, and one day I stumbled onto Yonder. The energy here at Yonder immediately felt different than every studio I visited. Each teacher had their own style and flow that always kept things challenging yet invigorating. I believe that life is one long journey into many situations where adaptability is a must, and I’m excited that both yoga and Yonder have provided that opportunity to begin my latest journey.

My aim is to lead classes that will be both challenging physically and restorative mentally; guiding students through my amazing playlists is also a bonus. Outside of yoga, I can be found anywhere there is water, tequila, or good energy. All three, and I’m definitely there, physically or in spirit! I can’t wait to flow with you!