My first yoga class goes all the way back to when my mom was pregnant with me. Well, if that one doesn’t count then technically my first class was when I was in college. I’m pretty sure we laid on our mats under a blanket for the entire 60 minute class…. I was like okay, so this is yoga? It’s safe to say that I didn’t sign up for a second class. When I graduated college and moved back to Atlanta, I discovered group fitness classes, and I was on a mission to try every studio out there! Then I stumbled upon Yonder Yoga, and everything changed. It’s a place that leaves you feeling like a better version of yourself, and it was the place that challenged my perception of what a yoga class can be. Now it’s the place that I now call home.


When you leave my class, I want you to feel like a stronger version of yourself and know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.