Bridget Montague

Teacher & Manager


My yoga journey began while I was working full time while also pursuing my masters in the evening.  I started to research various outlets to combat my daily stress and a way to stay active when I stumbled into Yonder and haven’t looked back since!  I love how yoga constantly challenges you to take it to your next level, whether it’s trying to get through a class without that extra child’s pose or pushing yourself to take it to your fullest expression, there’s always room to continually grow! Beyond the physical practice of yoga, I enjoy learning about the deep and rich history of yoga to interweave into my teaching as well as my own practice. I also love and cherish the beautiful community at Yonder where I have been able to meet some amazing people and best friends. Outside of yoga, you can find me hanging out with my fur babies, Collins and Addie, at one of our favorite spots on the Westside or traveling with my husband and friends to the mountains or the beach.