Avery Hinchman



I started dancing around the same time I learned to walk. By the time I turned 16, I was burned out and looking for a new outlet to express myself in a way that felt familiar. With some family encouragement, I began taking classes and quickly fell in love so much that I also started working at the front desk. I was thrust into the yoga community, and for the first time since quitting dance, I truly felt like a void had been filled.

After two years of consistent practice, my sister persuaded me to get my teacher training certification. When the training completed, I nervously avoided teaching for months until one day a teacher needed a sub, and I was the only one available. I was overwhelmed by the energy and community in that class, and the rest was history: after that class, I was officially added to the class schedule. 

I love that teaching allows me to inspire those around me while also becoming inspired by the students who show up with a dedication to growth and commitment to letting go each time they get on their mat.

In my classes, you can expect music that feeds your soul (and maybe even makes you want to wiggle your hips a little) and the permission to fall and fail without judgment. I hope my classes make you want to show up for yourself, shine, and dance!