Asaada Corley



What excites me about teaching yoga is that it gives me the opportunity to hold space for others to tap into their own power. I enjoy teaching strong, fiery flows that allow students to reach their fullest potential. I want everyone who takes my classes to push past any limitations they’ve placed on themselves and to find freedom within their practice. It is my firm belief that yoga is for everyone. No matter who we are, or where we are on our journey, we can all express ourselves and find empowerment through yoga.

I took my first yoga class with the sole purpose of healing after a series of injuries, resulting from my years as a competitive cheerleader, made most forms of exercise painful. Although the physical benefits are what attracted me to yoga, I was fascinated by the mental and spiritual healing I was gaining as well. Those quiet moments of reflection on my mat, when I was able to focus my mind and connect to something greater than myself, are the reason I still practice today. As a teacher, my main goal is to emphasize the importance of practicing mindfulness, not only in our yoga practice, but in all aspects of our lives.