Alli Tanner



I was first drawn to yoga for the physical aspect and what it could do for my body. I had been plagued with injuries from years of running and extreme obstacle course racing and knew that yoga would be good for healing and prevention of injuries. What I experienced in that very first yoga class was so much more than I knew I needed. The mind-body connection – being able to leave the cares of the world outside and re-balance through connection with my breath, is what made this practice a life-long journey for me. Every time I’m on my mat, I experience something new or in a different way than before, and I love that I can continuously learn and grow in my practice.

I took the leap to become a yoga teacher because I believe so strongly in the power of the practice and what it can do for anyone and everyone, and teaching gives me the opportunity to share the practice with others. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and can’t wait to see you in the studio. Let’s flow, yogis!