Angel Jones


My yoga journey began when a good friend of mine started inviting me to go with her to some yoga classes. Although I enjoyed most of the classes it wasn’t until my son Theo introduced me to Yonder Yoga that I began practicing regularly and realized what yoga is all about. It is about discovery. Discovering what your body can and cannot do on a particular day, what emotions may be flowing through you, how to challenge yourself in big and little ways, and even how you can discover a love for new music genres that you never would have listened to before. I’ve discovered that every yoga journey is unique and personal to every yogi. It takes you to high places and comforts you through low ones. The path can be as twisty as an open twisted crescent or as calm as savasana. The joy is in the journey. As a yoga instructor I get the most satisfaction when I can be a part of that journey and in some small way take yogis a little further along their way. Come and discover for yourself and discover yourself!