Studio Manager, Teacher

My first experience with yoga was a desperate attempt to find release from the stress in my personal and professional life at the time. Little did I know it would eventually become my new career coinciding with my other job, hobby, and passion:  travel. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of such an amazing team and yoga community. 


Aside from working full time at Yonder, I work as a senior travel coordinator for Red Letter Travel, a Brownell affiliate and virtuoso member.  Although COVID-19 has changed our lives and our ability to travel so freely, I’m hopeful we’ll see that shift again someday soon. And when we do, I’m excited to share that I’ll be one of the main organizers behind Yonder’s future yoga retreats. I couldn’t be more excited! If you ever want to chat yoga, travel (or both), you know where to find me! 


My goal as a teacher is to create a class you crave.  Not only for the physical aspect, but for the music, the community, and most importantly, the mental relief yoga brings us all.  I especially love a good playlist, and feel this is our biggest motivation when flowing. Get ready to jam out to some special tunes in my class! 


Outside the studio, you can find me traveling (check out my latest trip to Africa via instagram!), making my way next door to Brack’s Kitchen (yes, it’s delicious and you should treat yourself after a class), getting outside in nature, surfing (originally from Florida – Go Gators!), and capturing cool photos with my camera.