My yoga practice started out of pure curiosity at 15 years old. I lived within walking distance of a heated studio and begged my mom to sign me up. I started doing up to 3 classes a day that summer, and I have been in love with flowing on my mat ever since. There’s always something new to learn in a pose and another space inward to explore!


“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself. Dream big!”


I lived in Dubai for about 4 years and while it was an AWESOME experience, I completely lost my practice there. I realized I was missing the yoga and all of its truth! I started practicing regularly the very next day after moving back to Atlanta and immediately signed up for YTT. My life absolutely transformed! Yoga helps me to achieve deep creativity and ultimate enjoyment. Whenever I guide students, my goal is to always create a safe haven for everyone to wander around on their mats physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically… and to enjoy their personal journey! Life is a continuum.


Outside of yoga, you can usually find me traveling, enjoying brunch with friends, losing all of my tennis matches (LOL!) or dancing.