I never thought I would end up a yogi, much less a yoga teacher, but I am so glad I did! Several years ago, I purchased my first ten pack of yoga classes and tried to get into it, but I just assumed it wasn’t for me. When I moved to the Westside and saw Yonder Yoga opened, a friend of mine talked me into trying it out again. Yonder quickly made me realize that yoga was for me. The moment I walked in the doors, I immediately fell in love with the practice.  I found the class to be challenging not only physically, but also mentally. Where I used strength, I also found balance and ease. Yoga helped me to become more open-minded and explore my limits that I never knew I had. Being a middle school math teacher, I also found yoga to help me relieve stress after long days at work. I became more centered and looked forward to yoga every single day. When I saw they were having a teacher training, I knew I had to join. I wanted to deepen my practice and share my love of yoga with the rest of the world. It was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made!


As a teacher, I want to create a welcoming space for all levels of yogis. I want to challenge my students to allow themselves to get out of their comfort zones both mentally and physically. I hope that my students can begin to cultivate an awareness of their mind and body and the way the two connect.  I help create this space through unique sequencing and a fire playlist. I am all about bringing a ton of fun energy to the class, so grab your mats and come flow with me!