Teacher & Manager

If I could go back in time and tell my younger self that everything I thought about yoga was a lie, I would.  I didn’t think yoga could be a good workout, and I didn’t understand the hype of purposely working out in a very hot room.  However, two ACL tears and three knee surgeries later, I was desperate to find a fitness regimen that not only made my knee feel good, but also made me feel good, both physically and mentally.  I joined my first yoga studio in September of 2019 when Yonder Yoga opened its doors, and I haven’t looked back since.


Yoga has taught me so much about myself and my body.  It has shown me what it really means to be strong yet vulnerable, and how to use this knowledge on and off my mat.  I’ve learned that your limits are mostly set by your own fears and how unstoppable you can become with the support of your yoga community.


As a yoga teacher, I look to help my students find the same joy in yoga that I have.  I want them to feel powerful on their mat and fearless enough to try that pose they have been wanting to try.  Whether you come to class ready to do all the advanced variations offered or need the support of modifications, I will always be there cheering you on.