As an active person, I grew up always needing to be on the move – playing sports, running around, hiking, you name it. Yoga was never part of the program for me – whenever I tried it, it was too slow, wasn’t challenging enough, and sometimes, it was just boring. I tried my first hot vinyasa class my sophomore year in college. I left that class drenched in sweat and inspired. I was immediately hooked. 


While I was drawn to the physical aspects of yoga, I quickly found the mental challenge to be important and inspiring. In one class, there are opportunities to strengthen, improve balance, and flow in a sequence that’s almost like a dance. And taking an hour out of the day to go without technology, phones, or distractions? That’s a challenge all in itself. I love the clarity, physical challenge, and moving meditation yoga creates, connecting breath to movement and finding a rhythm and flow. Of course, the yoga community is also the best. I’m so grateful to be part of the Yonder family and I hope to help foster that community! 


It is my goal as a teacher to create an hour of practice that involves all the elements: a good sweat, a playful sequence, a challenging flow, and of course, some great tunes. I hope students leave feeling exhausted, refreshed, and inspired to keep coming back. I can’t wait to see you on the mat!