Dabney Stevens



I started practicing yoga 15 years ago merely out of curiosity. An avid runner and cardio junkie, I wondered what in the world all the fuss was over a “stretching” class. One of my sisters had recently gone through YTT and was eyeing a local studio for purchase, so out of both support and curiosity, I walked into my first “gym yoga” class. I slowly began to swap out my hours on the treadmill for hours on my mat. It wasn’t long before I wanted to know more, both about the practice and how to guide others deeper into theirs as a teacher. I completed 200-hour YTT through Hot Yoga Plus in Nashville, and added my 500-hour training through Red Hot Yoga in Atlanta. To say that yoga has changed my life would be an understatement. It is the gift that keeps on giving, and the deeper you allow it to take you, the greater the gifts. My greatest takeaway by far, however, has been the friendships fostered through the community of yoga. There is an unspoken bond when you step on your mat, a bond that perhaps isn’t even identifiable at first. But it’s there; and the more you show up, the stronger it grows. I already feel that at Yonder. I look forward to the growth.