When I started practicing yoga, I had no idea how quickly it would begin to change my life. Yoga started for me as a way to reset and reconnect with myself after a long day in a corporate environment. It was also a great way to share space with my friends and community while challenging myself to be both strong and vulnerable in the same hour. I quickly found that outside of the studio, yoga was starting to change my life for the better. I often found that I was calmer, more grounded, and more open-minded than I used to be. Additionally, I felt more connected with my body and my breath. To this day, when I face challenges in life, I stay connected to my practice and find peace knowing I can always come back to my mat for support. I truly believe yoga is a gift and a cure-all that can be woven into all aspects of life. Teaching yoga for me is a way to share with others the gift that was shared with me. I look forward to joining you on your yoga journey!